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. . . .W e   A r e   A l l   D r a g o n s

Welcome to, My personal website for all things regarding myself and projects I am working on.

I am a 50 yr old pagan/shaman webmistress, t-shirt and decor designer and artist of clay painted incense holders and jewelry.  I also work with oil pastels and some watercolors.

You can find my links below or also in my links directory.

Membership is Invite only. (email here if you are interested)

I am not like other pagans/shamans, and I am not going to go anywhere or be apart of some circle or site that has no idea how to be pagan except buy crystals and maybe some incense.

Pagan is a very versatile term, and until you truly know outside of your person don't speak about its depth or paths.

But do judge me, oppression means I am going in the right direction.

Gods are Waking.

🖤 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🔱  The Old Ones are coming forth.  🖤 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🔱

I am an Opinionated Person, Pagan and Woman.

I share my views on things all the time. 

If you like women who are controlled and manipulated easily, leave now I am not one of those.