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Apparently, I am a "Has Been"

Posted by Ana Massien on September 21, 2020 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Apparently, some of the world, the web and some "distant" parts of America's "government" think I am a "Has Been". I am so over. Because I won't send you naked pictures and I won't sleep with your sorry ass because I HAVE Taste.

I Believe that I can be afforded some decency, rather than having to do what the other 30% can or do because "they should" or "they can" because that is what is expected of their job titles. No wonder this country (if it truly even is one anymore) is in the shit hole.

My Paganism works seem to be doing just as well as any other, just because Llewellyn does not have a manuscript doesn't mean the ever evolving path isn't on wordpress already, my website and my social community has materials and is doing well. You can not measure social network success by how many people join. The most important stuff on a social community is the material, its backbone. No one buys a book because 30 people up the road bought it. Kinda airheaded I believe.

I will keep buying wish and geek, banggood and other discounted stores and wearing my tunics and capes. Like I give a f__k shit what you all think of me. Being a Pagan, A Heathen, A Satanist, don't you all think by now I am so not concerning over what you think I should be wearing or doing?

Thanks for letting me know you are "better" and more important than you already think I am. I am a strong, Independent woman and for some reason men just think that is the worst thing. Yeah because I am twice as "strong" when I get off your d*ck because men think they can just take a woman apart after that, and even if that was "allowed" what good is it too them? A woman will just put herself back together and walk away.

I am low income. I know what to do. I don't have any expectations from anyone regardless of what relations I have with others. I know I am not going to get any. You can't rely on a man or a relationship to get you where you think you need to be. C'mon, Ladies! Yeah we can do it huh? The secret to successfulness begins with your worth, your virtue, how positive you stay when things are down. That's the secret. Not Jergen's Lavender lotion or Herbal Essesences shampoo and conditioner or even Epsom salts. This helps but it begins inside you and that isn't gonna disappear just because we got some.


Ana Massien


Posted by Ana Massien on September 13, 2020 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)" target="_blank">

This person is using my name and it is not me. This is either Shane or Kyle who like to go by 
"Erika" or some other name and pretend to be me in town and also on the web. The same people that used to run paganspace. I don't look like a Strega Gypsy, as their not Gypsy.

Site News Sept 2020

Posted by Ana Massien on September 13, 2020 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I will soon be phasing out more domains. I am thinking of just  creating a new domain for which will expire in Oct 2020. I know that site is not "successful" in the way of membership, apparently I have to fit in like all the other pagans of this generation, I am not like that, and I am not going to change for any of you so if no members, fine, more website space for me! It is very successful in ssl traffic it serves about 20k-40k hits a month! That's a pretty popular place you know to be read by. Videos are useful as they pull in traffic as well. :) Blow me.

Ok, so I am thinking of scrapping the entire domain and just create Strigoithing.something which is my username on tumblr. I want to scrap entirely and just call it renegadeapparel.something as this is the new name of the teespring store but I am not making anything currently, people think I steal designs off the web. No, I use clipart in the free domain which falls under the Fair Use policy from most tshirt stores. Teepublic canned my store to support the lieu of Gay Pride and BLM stores in which they know I am not a major supporter of and well teespring is actually better and have more things than Teepublic, plus the CEO doesn't like me. If the ceo doesn't like the fact you won't sleep with him, and then well you better off going some place else. I hear he wants to sell his company now because I am not there anymore. I would buddy, you aren't business related. Now if you were running an alcohol business, you may make better sales lol ����������

I hope to make some more designs in October 2020. It depends on when the poll trainer thingie starts, if I even get picked to be a poll worker. I would like to have a part time job in 2021, see If I can go back to work as well as still receive ssi, as they will work with you. I want to get better. I want and need to make more money. My parents are my adoptive parents and even though I can get their survivor benefits I want to be able to have the experience where I can work again if I want too. It's hard to live on the government per month, because its not enough money, and they are about 13 years away from it being enough money to live off comfortably. If they continue to poke about the COLA sitch (Cost of Living Adjustment) I know it changed because my EBT went up 7 whole dollars for oct and nov! wow.

I will be writing and sharing some ways to deal positively with Oppression in the next coming days. If anyone has anything they'd like advice on or want me to write upon you can make a suggestion on the disqus area below.

Become a Poll worker (GA)

Posted by Ana Massien on September 13, 2020 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I have signed up to be a poll worker in Georgia -- You can sign up too for your state or county!" target="_blank">http://  I will post back should I get hired. Yeah, me hired can't wait. You can make anywhere from 60 to 140 per DAY.

Voting For Trump

Posted by Ana Massien on September 2, 2020 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

When Trump first took office, I didn't like him. You know, he was a celeb, a businessman, way richer than me. Then, as I begin to watch him work for the American people I begin to see another side of Trump that we had not seen before. He was also a family man, he cares for his family, he has hardships like all of the rest of us. He may have done and have said some goofy things but his speeches have only gotten better in recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on every household in America. Americans begin to look to the republicans more than the democrats to come up with ways to help during this unprecedented time, even though it takes teamwork and effort, to come up with ways on both sides to help the American people.

President Trump has moved the impossible to get masks out to the workers and people on the front lines, hand sanitizer, and the vaccine by the end of the year and the plasma works or what not that they have recently researched on.

That is America. How we all must come together to overcome our troubles. I believe in the Trump administration and I may be no one to this town, and great city but if it were not for this administration and leadership, our town would not be where it is today.

So, this is why I am going to vote for Trump in November 2020.


Ana Massien

Griffin Resident

Rioting has never done any good

Posted by Ana Massien on August 30, 2020 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Rioting has never done any good. But in the age of COVID-19, Rioting over color, and criminals and rights seems to be the new end thing.

Hear me out here. You have two options, you can:

1. Stay at home, and not make any sort of historical picture as a possible hero or new victim, or you can 2. Go out with friends or a crowd and be part of the noise instead of the solutions.

This is a horrible time. Some jobs are high and some are low and some will never rebound and that's fine as well. If you had kids impacted by COVID-19 and they wanted to go out and riot, would you want them going? Do you really think, years from now, your group will be featured in some encloypedia with the header "Blank Group gets results from Riots during X Campaign". How will you all look? History has proven time and time again that smart, educational people get the recognition, someone who did something with brains and not brawn. People fail to recognize this in the face of danger though, they want to be a survival of their ID and they want to do something that mattered or was heroic. Think about how many women are going to come back pregnant from this time period out in the no wheres and protesting with a hopeful life partner who is not going to be there. "Yeah, we met as we burned city hall in some city and we were apart of some sort of conspiracy" no one is gonna be saying that in ten years and if they do they aren't very bright. Where is the medal of honor you were supposed to get? This is immaturity on people's parts. Stay home and stay alive. You may not be a hero but you won't be an asshole either you won't be someone putting yours or other lives at risk. YOU only get to live once, unless you are incredibley lucky or it was a medical reason to begin with.

The same people who have kids or kids' kids rioting today are the same people who saw rioting in their time with the same face, the same emotion, and the same attitude. You wanted to riot. You want your kids or kids' kids to stay home now though don't you? Where is that emotion at? That made you want to act out and riot and destroy property that wasn't yours? It's gone with the immaturity of your youth. 

In a world where we have now learned to say it, please stay safe.

Make a difference or a point in a way where it's educational, safe and smart.

-- Ana Massien

Been published in the town newspaper again

Posted by Ana Massien on August 23, 2020 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I wrote a piece for the town paper I live in. It speaks out on being offended by monuments from wars and the Civil war.

You can read about it here:" target="_blank">Confederate Statues should not be removed, on or

Downsizing Plan

Posted by Ana Massien on August 23, 2020 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I am planning to down size my plan back to 12.99 as I am over the thrill of prem themes.

I have removed the store, and a couple of other pages or modules from the website,

Membership is now Invite only.

News For August

Posted by Ana Massien on August 1, 2020 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The Campaign to kick off #WeCare has momentarily snagged; I did not get to go by Dollar Tree yesterday, and due to budget concerns, plans have changed and are on wait until I know more about the EIP Congress is passing. No one signed up for the care box program (:[) and so now we just wait. I still want to do more outreach, facebook does not seem to be the right format for the #WeCare program. I want to provide a Chat room system for motivation that many sites can take advantage of and I have chosen either Minnit Chat or Telegram for that purpose. More on this later when I work on implementing this free option. Motivation in times such as these are way better than worrying. We must rally and show everyone they matter one way or the other if such is going to work.


Moon N Fang on threadless has closed officially.  I had planned to open in two more weeks, but my feelings on threadless remain largely profound, and I am not comfortable having a shop on a site where the owner is openly bisexual or gay. I don't "process this lifestyle arrangement". I don't see it being a big winner and I am not down with promoting filth. Sorry I just can't keep on going on this area, so I will be searching for a shop store again, teespring? teemill? Spreadshirt? Get my own damn tshirt generator?


Another website that's taken the downward turn with me Is where when you buy products you can review them. Well, I am Pagan and not ashamed of my body, spirit, mind and I have bought several supplements to help one go "potty". I am transitioning into menopause and this happens to women when they go through it. Rather than go to the doc's and ask for prescription to help with the process and I looked to a herbal remedy. When I reviewed the product, I said it helped you go to the bathroom. Laugh now, because *giggle* this was wrong and foul to say! *giggle* Isn't this the point of a wellness and supplement store, to tell others politely if the product works or not? What am I supposed to say? "Go Potty" like a three year old? Yes, poopin' is not pleasant but its a natural process of the body like it or not. Three of my reviews, which have been up for over 3-2 months now were "Violations of the New terms" and my reviews had to be re-written and submitted. I contacted Iherb and pretty much let'em have it. I have seen other supplement stores with people allowed and NOT censored (or made to feel ashamed of their natural, strong, womanly body and processes!) with such reviews. So I probably will not shop with after this current shipment. I could not find Immunity Gummies at Walmart (Hello Bello) and so chose an alt with Iherb. I also bought more Collodial silver which helps with fungi and mold and allergies (and tons more, including bathroom needs!) I deleted all my reviews for IHerb and will, if need be contact every one of their suppliers to let them know they are censoring reviews. What it is again is the small minded MALE brain who is unhappy they have a small penis, are gay, and find themselves inferior to a woman who knows she is done with "pregnant years" and can not be manipulated by a fool who just wants to screw, and poorly. (Sorry Tim, not your year is it?!) You should be ashamed of yourself. My destiny this time does not include being your mattress session. Praise God. (You all may know him as "eric"). also now points to, my network of groups for people who want one as these groups are like mini social networks. Many people were listing the domain on, and other pages as well cite our blogs (Feedspot, Feedly) and well I decided to make sure everything pointed again and everything was ok. Ning is shit for what they did. I am not too happy with ning. Their customer service and CEO is sh_t as well and if they can rip you off, they will.


Blessed Lammas 2020 to you and all today! First Harvest already! I Hope you have a safe and blessed day. I will do very little, except maybe get some fish this evening, if I do that at all.





Moon Child Pagan // Teepublic results

Posted by Ana Massien on July 28, 2020 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Please listen to what I am saying here:

I did a name search on "Ana Massien", people seem to be looking for Teepublic items. I NO LONGER HAVE THAT TEEPUBLIC STORE. The Ceo doesn't like me, deleted my store.

I am working on the threadless store, but I have not re published it yet. I am making new designs and will relaunch by the third week in august 2020. I may do it before then depending on when the new EIP is sent. Thanks for your paitience. You can also look for my Bonfire store here:" target="_blank">  These are for Causes and some Sarcasm mostly about recent events.

I have some new designs for threadless (about 14 or so) and will upload them to bonfire as well. Some stuff also for Georgia Pagans, DPG, and so on there as well! More to come soon!