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Site News Sept 2020

Posted by Ana Massien on September 13, 2020 at 6:55 PM

I will soon be phasing out more domains. I am thinking of just  creating a new domain for which will expire in Oct 2020. I know that site is not "successful" in the way of membership, apparently I have to fit in like all the other pagans of this generation, I am not like that, and I am not going to change for any of you so if no members, fine, more website space for me! It is very successful in ssl traffic it serves about 20k-40k hits a month! That's a pretty popular place you know to be read by. Videos are useful as they pull in traffic as well. :) Blow me.

Ok, so I am thinking of scrapping the entire domain and just create Strigoithing.something which is my username on tumblr. I want to scrap entirely and just call it renegadeapparel.something as this is the new name of the teespring store but I am not making anything currently, people think I steal designs off the web. No, I use clipart in the free domain which falls under the Fair Use policy from most tshirt stores. Teepublic canned my store to support the lieu of Gay Pride and BLM stores in which they know I am not a major supporter of and well teespring is actually better and have more things than Teepublic, plus the CEO doesn't like me. If the ceo doesn't like the fact you won't sleep with him, and then well you better off going some place else. I hear he wants to sell his company now because I am not there anymore. I would buddy, you aren't business related. Now if you were running an alcohol business, you may make better sales lol ����������

I hope to make some more designs in October 2020. It depends on when the poll trainer thingie starts, if I even get picked to be a poll worker. I would like to have a part time job in 2021, see If I can go back to work as well as still receive ssi, as they will work with you. I want to get better. I want and need to make more money. My parents are my adoptive parents and even though I can get their survivor benefits I want to be able to have the experience where I can work again if I want too. It's hard to live on the government per month, because its not enough money, and they are about 13 years away from it being enough money to live off comfortably. If they continue to poke about the COLA sitch (Cost of Living Adjustment) I know it changed because my EBT went up 7 whole dollars for oct and nov! wow.

I will be writing and sharing some ways to deal positively with Oppression in the next coming days. If anyone has anything they'd like advice on or want me to write upon you can make a suggestion on the disqus area below.

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