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The Grotto Tradios

We're not Spiritual Satanists allied with the Church of Satan or the Temple of Satan, we are a Grotto Tradios (Latin for Tradition) who see "Satan" as a Dark Pagan Deity both female/male in energy form, and without a physical form.

Our Active Tradition website community is at: Dark Pagan's Grotto On . Another thing is we do not use the CoS or ToS symbols which are copyrighted to the Church of Satan which are made up of "atheists" and the Temple which profess to be spiritual satanists, but are about getting their statues recognized on state Capital grounds. We don't believe Satan was the Christian or OT "devil or snake". We do not believe 
"Satan corrupts people" they are just symbols. Symbols have no ability unless you know how to "enact with them" , we believe Man is the animal, and the animal side of us with no godhood and just rebellion and perversion -- when we are spiritual we are beings. Changed. Christianity concepts Fault over time and we were Deim long before we incarnated in Christian Times. You can not base good things on a timeline that does not know either Satan as a "Devil" and the God as "Christian Savior or Creator." Perversion has always been in the hearts of "people" but it is not present in ascended "beings" unless you allow it in. If you do, you fall from ascension. Ascension is a changed energy state that does not allow perverse thoughts and actions based on the immaturity of a being or person to re-enter the being's form. It is an energy state that can not be done away with. Once awake the being is changed forever. Satan is not a being based on carnal lusts and an immaturity about a person's nature. Satan is a being about change and removal of the lost into the found. This is how demons are. Demonology is not about evil. It is about Neutrality. It is about being for neither "God" but for yourself in good balance and truth.

Think about it, as a Christian -- you will fall short of the glory of God. You will bow to the sin you let defile you. Sin makes us cost in mortality -- we drink up the rent, we have to work or get a loan to pay or we are on the streets. We gamble it away, we must do the same. We lose our jobs due to habits, we have to get another.

If you are an atheist set to defile God's "will" -- You do misdeeds and gang grafitti on churches and your messages and things make you look like an idiot. You perverse yourself with naked imagery and do sexual acts with yourself that make you no more better at that craft than you were originally nor does it imbue any mysterious gift or powers. This is not the point of religions. IT is to make you a better being!

Now, we see both sides are lost individuals when it comes to sunday night or Nov 13th.
Except when feeding the lost or hungry and showing brotherhood and expecting a large tithe on Sunday for your works. Sad.

Grotto seeks to be an open haven for the dark pagan. Come see what makes us different. We seek leaders from all states and lands. WE are a message of truth of Solidarity in these "times". WE seek to build an educational, and fellowship network of what's going on at home and abroad. Welcome.